For Mother’s Day this year, make her favorite memories everlasting.

Robert Friedman

May 9, 2019
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If you’re like me, you’ve already read every listicle out there on sure-to-please Mother’s Day gifts and none of them quite fit. I’ve done the spa gift cards and personalized mugs. Maybe your mother figure or partner is like mine and doesn’t soak in the tub or go to brunch.

Don’t worry, we’ve got something better in mind for your mom!

1. Make her favorite family photos permanent

For the woman who loves to document the moment, make sure it never has to end.

Create a Permanent Archive for her, upload her photo collection and, voila! You just made all her favorite memories permanent. And saved her the time and stress of worrying about a backup! Now she can simply enjoy them and rest assured that they are safe.

Not sure what to upload? This is the perfect activity for you to do together. Relive family experiences, discover childhood stories and spend time with your mom.

2. Gift her everlasting storage space

Perhaps she loves to scrapbook or photo organizing is her passion. Let her do the uploading and curating as she wishes and just cover the storage space.

Create another Archive for her and make her the owner. You’ll be able to gift her storage space at that time and as soon as she accepts her Archive, she can start preserving her memories at no cost to her.

Now she can put her own Archive together, import her Facebook photos as she shares them and make her future memories permanent without worrying about storage space.

3. Create a safe place for the people she loves

My mom inherited a suitcase of loose photos when her mother passed away. She’s since scanned them all and enjoys taking time to remember the woman she used to celebrate on this day. Perhaps your mother is always reminiscing about her grandfather. Maybe for your wife, it’s the children who made her a mother.

Create Permanent Archives for the special people in her life and keep their legacies safe in a place where she can always visit them.

This is another engaging project you can do together. Add your loved ones to the Archive to collaborate with you, learn about your family history and create more memories.

Now she’ll be able to look back on her favorite moments with her favorite people, share them with future generations and never worry about the fate of an inherited collection again – or a growing one!

4. Digitize her photo albums

Perhaps the person you have in mind has a stack of albums, scrapbooks or boxes of photos that have yet to be made digital? Digitizing can be a huge undertaking, which is why we partnered up with a company called EverPresent to help our users get their memories into their Permanent Archives, stress free!

EverPresent can digitize, organize and curate photo and video collections and we work together to get them into a Permanent Archive for you to enjoy and share.

If you are interested in learning more about this service, please contact us at

No matter the day, the moments she spends with you are her favorite gifts. So make them permanent! When you create an account on, you get the first gigabyte of storage for free to start uploading. This is the perfect day to preserve the valuable memories you make together, while making new ones.

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