Getting Started in Genealogy Research

Amanda Meeks

This event is online only. Experienced librarians demonstrate the steps involved in starting your family history research. Learn about essential research methods and strategies, how to identify and locate relevant records, and the library’s genealogy resources. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. Live captioning is provided. If you have a specific accessibility request, please email at least two weeks before the program date.

Image of the Talevi Family around a dining room table

Public Archive Spotlight: The Talevi Archive

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Announcing our first public archive spotlight Here at Permanent, we are continually inspired by the public archives we see our community create. They help remind us of the historical and educational value that the archives will have for generations to come. To celebrate the hard work that our members put into these archives, we’d like to announce our first ever public archive spotlight featuring The Talevi Archive. In the age of digital transformation, preserving family memories has taken on a new form. Where before memories were found in dusty photo albums or in stacks of aging papers, these cherished moments can now find a home on Permanent. One shining example of this is “The Talevi …

Genealogy: Using Newspapers to Research Your Ancestors

Amanda Meeks

Newspapers can contain a wealth of information about our ancestors beyond what can be found in obituaries. This class will provide information about how to use newspapers for family history research, with a focus on resources that can be accessed online via a BPL database or the Internet.

Genealogy Essentials: Writing Your Family History

Amanda Meeks

If you have been collecting the information, now it is time to shape your genealogy research into a cohesive family history for others to read. Learn the different types of family history writing styles and explore the writing manuals that will match your writing style. Explore the history of the places where your family lived, tips for creating a cohesive narrative, and why writing a family history is the ultimate goal of genealogy research. This class is online. Registration is required.

The History of Genealogy

Amanda Meeks

From Roman times through today, genealogy has been a rollercoaster. Craig Roberts Scott will tell us about genealogy’s evolution from centuries of genealogists working with varying agendas, to the recent creation of genealogical societies, genealogical standards and peer-reviewed journals. The world of genealogy has changed–and so have the agendas. Craig Roberts Scott, CG, FUGA, has been a researcher for more than 35 years, specializing in problem-solving, military records, Quakers and publishing. He is president of Heritage Books, Inc.

Community Call

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Join us for our monthly community call on the last Wednesday of every month! Each month we will announce a timely theme through our newsletter. Members are encouraged to attend these informative calls, participate in the discussion, and ask questions.