Preserving Family Recipes of Our Past

Emily Sienkiewicz

Learn practical ways to preserve family recipes for future generations from local historian David W. Jackson. Jackson will share stories of his grandmothers who created the recipes and provide an easy option for making your cherished recipes available to family members. This class will be held in person as well as virtually via Zoom simultaneously. Registration is required. Please indicate whether you will be attending in-person or virtually when registering. An email address is required when registering to attend on Zoom. For details see

Quilts: Secret Codes to Freedom on the Underground Railroad, with Connie Martin

Emily Sienkiewicz

Join Connie Martin to learn about Pre-Civil War Quilts, and the secrets they held. Join Connie Martin as she tells the stories passed down to her great-grandmother Lizzie of how her family survived the antebellum period through trials and tribulations, and how they used quilts that contained hidden codes and secret messages to assist abolitionists–white and black–to guide enslaved people to freedom through the Underground Railroad to Canada. During this presentation, Connie shares eighteen different quilt patterns in replica quilts and refers to a book her mother, Dr. Clarice Boswell, wrote about their family called Lizzie’s Story: A Slave Family’s Journey to Freedom. Register in advance. For details see

Contemporary Fashion through the Decades – How to Identify Our Ancestors’ Timelines by What They Wore

Emily Sienkiewicz

A visual review of clothing styles and historical influences unique to each period – late 1700s through mid-1900s. Learn how to identify the year that your ancestor wore the clothing and determine their dates. Bring photographs, pictures, or historic clothing for me to analyze afterwards, if you wish. ​ Vicki Ruthe Hahn, President of Stateline Genealogy Club, LLC, is a Retired Librarian with a BA and MLIS from University of Illinois. A Genealogy Presenter and Consultant, she founded the Beloit Public Library “Stateline Genealogy Club” in 2012, and created the “” BLOG in 2014. She has a background in history, anthropology, clothing history, research, writing, and teaching. Vicki sorts out mysteries, rediscovers histories, weaves stories, …

Reconstructing Communities Using Sanborn Maps, Census Records, and City Directories

Emily Sienkiewicz

Recreating neighborhoods can provide rich and insightful details about an ancestor’s life and surroundings. In this lecture, genealogist Ari Wilkins will demonstrate ways to build a map using Sanborn Fire insurance maps, census records, and city directories in Google Maps. For details see

Using Social History for Genealogy

Emily Sienkiewicz

“Using Social History for Genealogy” will be presented by Noel Ferre in a free online class at 1:00 p.m. MT on Tuesday, Jan. 23. Guests are welcome. Our ancestors have stories to tell beyond their vital records. Learn how to bridge that gap by incorporating Social History into research. Gain insights about where to search and how to utilize that information to breathe life into their legacies. Noel Ferre fell in love with genealogy 24 years ago when she found a stack of letters from 1842 that belonged to her Dutch great grandmother. She has researched her past ever since to learn that her roots in New England date back 12 generations and her direct …

Genealogy Escape Room℠ – • The Case of William Sydney Porter: Oh Henry!

Amanda Meeks

Free and open to all! A fun start to the holiday season! Imagine you are trapped at NC State archives and the only way out is to solve a series of genealogy research puzzles. Are you up to the challenge? Are you ready for Genealogy Escape Room™? Based on the popular escape room concept, Genealogy Escape Room™ turns the typical webinar format upside down! Each registrant will receive a Case Review File used to solve a series of online research tasks BEFORE the live webinar takes place. The webinar is the “reveal,” where a step-by-step review of each puzzle, task, and clue all the way to the final “key” to open the door. Genealogy methodology …