“Latest in writing tools for family historians” with Denys Allen

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Can’t get to RootsTech? Denys is there for you! Noted author, Pennsylvania ancestor researcher, and writing coach Denys Allen has graciously offered to share her insights after touring the RootsTech exhibits and participating in conference programs during the show. Denys is a family history writer uniquely committed to both the crafts of genealogy and writing. Her stories cover eight generations of Pennsylvania ancestors, and taken her to the courthouses and archives of Berks, Blair, Centre, Chester, Clearfield, Dauphin, Delaware, Lancaster, Montgomery, Northampton, Philadelphia, Schuylkill, Snyder, and Union counties. Her candid perspective on the show will give you the sense of being there — without leaving the couch. Recording & resources free to Projectkin members At …

How to Build an Archive, One Story at a Time.

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Why are stories important? Since the dawn of human civilization, stories have been created to help us make sense of the world around us. These stories captured anything from explanations of why the sun rose every morning to harrowing escapes from animal predators. Until written languages were developed and recorded onto sheets of papyrus or clay tablets, oral histories reigned supreme. Like a game of telephone, stories told orally from person-to-person are susceptible to change as people forget, embellish, or invent new parts to the story as they pass them along from person to person. Historically, not everyone has had access to sheets of papyrus or clay tablets to record their stories. In fact, many …

Kathy’s Corner: Digitizing that collection of inherited family photos

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This popular monthly session focuses on a challenge for every family historian: Sorting and digitizing collections of inherited family photos and artifacts. Our speaker, Projectkin member Kathy Stone has decades of experience as a professional photo organizer and is now working on her family history projects. As a pro, she appreciates the challenge of actually getting projects done. In these “Corner” events, she answers questions and coaches members as your personal “sherpa over Mt. Inertia.” Our programs build on the 8-step approach she shared in a post and the 2023 Kathy’s Corner series. (Projectkin members have access to event recordings through the Members’ Chat Room in the Projectkin Forum.) Now the focus will be on …

Using Permanent.org: Preserving the Digital Legacy of Your Family

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Join us for a FREE virtual program on Feb. 20 at 2:30 p.m. ET! Join us as we explore the valuable tools of Permanent.org whose mission is to “preserve and provide perpetual access to the digital legacy of all people for the historical and educational benefit of future generations”. Kaitlyn Jarnagin is a trained digital archivist who is interested in making digital preservation accessible to everyone. She received her Master of Science in Information from the University of Michigan and has previously built digital preservation programs in university libraries and archives. She works as the Member Success Manager at Permanent.org, where she strives to ensure that all members accomplish their goals to preserve their digital …

Informal Archives: Capturing Family Memories

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This workshop aims at collectively exploring different shapes and forms of informal family archives and oral histories’ role in keeping family memories alive. Informal family archives could include (but are not limited to): letters, photographs, clothes, audio recordings, videos, etc. Participants are encouraged to bring along and share one item from a family collection and share memories and stories associated with it. We will be discussing: tangible and intangible memories, what is an archive? And what we practically need to create one. For details see www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/informal-archives-capturing-family-memories-tickets-723721609817

Discover the Latest Apps & Software for Photo and Video Enthusiasts in 2024 with The Photo Managers

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Join us as we explore 3 cutting-edge technologies and innovative applications designed to enhance how your capture, edit, and share your precious moments through photos and videos. Each of our speakers will share the problem they are solving and how it can help improve your experience managing your photos and videos. Projector: A streaming service that allows users to watch their own home movies & videos on a TV. Imagine watching your own family videos on your TV as easily as you would watch a movie on Netflix. Permanent.org: The only mission-driven nonprofit dedicated to providing affordable, long-term storage and preservation solutions for the general public. Ollie Photo App: Find your best photos and enjoy …

50+ Sources for Finding Ancestral Photos Online & Offline, with Katherine Willson

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In this one-hour presentation, we will discuss more than 50 potential sources for locating ancestral photos. We will especially focus on the large number of print media sources and how to obtain them; local, regional, and national organizations that may have photos; a wide variety of online sources; and distant relatives we may not know about. Katherine is the founder and president of the Virtual Genealogical Association and President of the Michigan Genealogical Council. Please register in advance. For details see mchenry.librarycalendar.com/event/50-sources-finding-ancestral-photos-online-offline-16094

Archiving a Life Story: How to Preserve Family Records

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Your family’s records give clues about their lives and what they valued. This program will teach you how to arrange your “stuff” into an organized personal collection, from start to finish. Learn how to preserve documents, photographs, and artifacts for future generations with practical tips and best practices. By preserving and organizing family records, you can help pass on your family’s story. This class will be held in person as well as virtually via Zoom simultaneously. Registration is required and closes 1 hour before the start of the program. Please indicate whether you will be attending in person or virtually when registering. An email address is required when registering to attend on Zoom.

Vintage Aerial and Genealogy: Exploring Your Story Through Aerial Photography

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This one-hour seminar looks at the history of aerial photography, how we digitized our collection and made it searchable on our site. Then a look at how to navigate our site, including tips and tricks. We hope to add a photo to your family’s story. For details see www.ogs.org/event/vintage-aerial-and-genealogy-exploring-your-story-through-aerial-photography-webinar/

Writing Your Family History for the Nonwriter

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Steve Szabados kicks off our ‘Write it Down!’ genealogy author series. If we do not preserve the memories and stories of our ancestors for future generations, who will? Were your ancestors royalty or members of the working class? Were they rich or barely surviving? Whoever they were, we need to preserve their memory. Genealogist and author Steve Szabados will discuss how to transform your research efforts into a written family history. Learn a method to easily save your information and tips to help bring your ancestors back to life. Prize drawings for Szabados’ book will be held at the end of the event. This program is available in a Zoom webinar format. Please register in …