Using Historical Literature to Explore Your Ancestor’s Lives

Emily Sienkiewicz

Historical literature, both fiction and non-fiction, can help us to better understand the world in which our ancestors lived and the events that shaped their lives. This presentation looks at how to use historical literature to flesh out the stories of our ancestors and provides examples to show what can be learned. Presented by Karen Fortin. This hybrid meeting will be held in-person in the Local History Room (2d Flr) of the Largo Public Library, 120 Central Park Drive, Largo, FL 33771 AND online via Zoom. Registration is only required for Zoom attendees. For details see

Record as You Go, Cite as You Go, File as You Go with Cyndi Ingle

Emily Sienkiewicz

The Genealogical Society is dedicated to promoting the study of genealogy and the preservation of family heritage. Monthly meetings host speakers for instruction in family research. Topics range widely from local to international record search and use. Register at For details see

Navigating Unexpected Genealogical Finds

Emily Sienkiewicz

Genealogy is a popular topic, and more people than ever want to find their roots. However, many do not think about the emotional fallout from learning or exposing family history. Explore resources you can use to deal with what happens when you discover unexpected information about ancestors. This session goes beyond how to discover who your ancestors are and focuses on the aftermath of finding your roots. Our speakers from the Library of Congress are Candice Buchanan and Sheree Budge. They will share examples of the secrets that family history research sometimes reveals (e.g., unknown associations, adoptions, slaveholding ancestors, inherited medical conditions). We use a few examples as case studies and provide resources that family …

Beyond Names and Dates: Filling in the Stories of Our Female Ancestors with Pam Vestal

Emily Sienkiewicz

Register Free (Virtual or In-Person): For most of recorded time, women didn’t leave much of a paper trail, but they have remarkable stories to tell. Deeper research into underutilized records often lead to a better understanding of the women in our family trees. In this talk, we’ll explore a variety of records, and also look at local history, the law, politics, and the cataclysmic events that confronted women to help us bring their hidden stories to light. Speaker, Pam Vestal, is a Portland-based genealogist at Generations Genealogy. Published in top genealogy journals, including the National Genealogical Society Magazine, Pam specializes in Family History Research, and she’s a seasoned speaker at conferences nationwide. Formerly a …

Writing a Register-Style Sketch

Emily Sienkiewicz

Do you have notebooks, digital files, and family tree programs full of information you’d like to write up for your family? Whether you just want to write about your grandparents, write an article, or compile a whole book, the Register style is a widely used genealogical format that has been used for more than 150 years. Moving from the past toward the future, generation-by-generation, the basic building block of the system is the family sketch—treating a couple and their children in an organized and interesting way. Join Senior Genealogist and author Kyle Hurst to learn how to use our new Register-style template and present your family history research in an understandable way. For details see …

Using GPS in Genealogy Research

Emily Sienkiewicz

Sandy Quick will give an overview of GPS and explain why using GPS coordinates will be a valuable element of our genealogy research. If you are new to genealogy or new to St. Mary’s County, please feel free to attend one of our meetings as our guest. For details see

Will the Real Fact Please Stand Up? Evidence Analysis for More Accurate Genealogies, with Sarah Kirby

Emily Sienkiewicz

How do you know that Ancestry hint is for your ancestor? How do you deal with different “facts” for the same event? Learn how to identify and separate clues from facts, misinformation, and obscuration. This program will be presented virtually via Zoom and will be recorded. Registration is required, and closes 24 hours before the event begins. A link to the Zoom meeting and a handout will be emailed to registrants the evening before the program. For details see

Exploring Cemetery and Funeral Home Records

Emily Sienkiewicz

This class will present how to discover information about your family from the records of funeral homes, cemeteries and grave sites. How and where to find these records will also be discussed. Presented by Debbe Hagner. This class will be held online only via Zoom. Registration is required for all Zoom attendees. For details see

Using AI in Family History Research

Amanda Meeks

We’ve all seen the headlines about Artificial Intelligence- this new technology seems to be able to do everything from producing complex digital images to creating songs! But have you wondered how it might be able to help your family history research? In this lecture, Senior Genealogist Melanie McComb will discuss exciting possibilities for using AI to support your research—including assistance with report writing, digitally restoring family photos, and more. She will also address aspects of AI that genealogists should be cautious of, such as accuracy and copyright concerns. Join us as we explore this exciting new technological frontier! For details see