How to Date Old Photographs

Emily Sienkiewicz

Discover how to uncover clues to help determine when a photograph was taken. This class will be held in person as well as virtually via Zoom simultaneously. Registration is required and closes one hour before the start of the program. Please indicate whether you will be attending in person or virtually when registering. An email address is required when registering to attend on Zoom. All start times are Central Standard Time. For details see  

Tips on Dating a Photograph

Amanda Meeks

In this San Francisco Genealogy Group session, special guest Gawain Weaver will discuss how to date old photos. With the goal of providing a framework for dating, Gawain will discuss the history and visual characteristics of the four most common photographic processes: albumen prints, tintypes, gelatin silver prints, and c-prints. He will provide an array of tips and tricks for each photographic print type based on the physical nature of the print. For instance, how does a UV light help to date a print? What about the scalloped edges of that B&W print? Or the chocolate colored background of that tintype? As a photograph conservator, Gawain specializes in the physical attributes of prints, and he will …