Government of the People: Leveraging Freedom of Information Laws to Procure Novel Records

Emily Sienkiewicz

Government of the People: Leveraging Freedom of Information Laws to Procure Novel Records. This lecture will explain Freedom of Information Laws and how genealogists can use them to obtain often inaccessible record sets and to learn about how systems of records are organized. A variety of jurisdictions and case studies will be discussed. About Alec Ferretti: Alec is a New York City-based professional genealogist who has worked for the Wells Fargo Family & Business History Center, researching family histories for high-net-worth clients. Alec specializes in the genealogy of 20th-century immigrants to the United States. He is a regular lecturer at genealogical societies and conferences. He serves as the President of the New York Genealogy & …

Writing a Register-Style Sketch

Emily Sienkiewicz

Do you have notebooks, digital files, and family tree programs full of information you’d like to write up for your family? Whether you just want to write about your grandparents, write an article, or compile a whole book, the Register style is a widely used genealogical format that has been used for more than 150 years. Moving from the past toward the future, generation-by-generation, the basic building block of the system is the family sketch—treating a couple and their children in an organized and interesting way. Join Senior Genealogist and author Kyle Hurst to learn how to use our new Register-style template and present your family history research in an understandable way. For details see …

Using AI in Family History Research

Amanda Meeks

We’ve all seen the headlines about Artificial Intelligence- this new technology seems to be able to do everything from producing complex digital images to creating songs! But have you wondered how it might be able to help your family history research? In this lecture, Senior Genealogist Melanie McComb will discuss exciting possibilities for using AI to support your research—including assistance with report writing, digitally restoring family photos, and more. She will also address aspects of AI that genealogists should be cautious of, such as accuracy and copyright concerns. Join us as we explore this exciting new technological frontier! For details see