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Through Byte4Byte storage grants for our nonprofit partners across the United States, Permanent ensures future generations have access to the diverse and vibrant legacies of past and present individuals, organizations, and movements in YOUR communities.

Grant Snapshot

Maximum Storage Amount
Maximum Intern Stipend
$2500 Per Semester
Qualifying Entities
Nonprofit Organizations
Expected Output
Public digital collections, exhibits, and community engagement with digital preservation efforts
Application Available
Rolling applications, you will be added to the next grant cycle
Application Due
April 1 & October 1
Expected Notification Date
April 15 & October 15
We invite non profit organizations who are committed to shifting the historical paradigm and uplifting historically marginalized narratives for social good to apply.

Storage grants are available to United States nonprofit organizations with 501(c)3 tax-exempt status which includes, but is not limited to, public institutions of higher education, state and local governmental agencies, cultural heritage organizations, and Native American tribal governments or organizations.

Special Encouragement for Organizations working on disaster relief efforts in their communities or at large; Organizations engaging in pilot work, including first time digitization/digital preservation efforts, public archives and exhibitions, and community-driven programs; Organizations and/or collections that represent and uplift under-represented communities and narratives.

Byte4Byte Grantees will be awarded storage and (in some cases) internship support to help you accomplish your digital preservation goals.

Participating organizations will be awarded up to 100GB of free storage ($1000 in-kind value).

Organizations may also apply for an intern who will support and expand the organization’s capacity for their digital preservation work. We offer this as a mutually beneficial opportunity for library and archives students to get hands-on experience in building, digitizing, and preserving community archives.

We will co-build a community of practice around a values-driven approach to cultural heritage digital preservation with Byte4Byte partners.

Permanent will offer regular webinars that highlight grantee projects and promote Byte4Byte to new organizations, with the help of grantees and partners.

We will grow our Byte4Byte support network, with optional meetings and skill shares that focus on a range of relevant topics, which may include historical inclusion, privacy and security, public/open digital scholarship, sustainability, intellectual property, data ownership, and documenting social change through digital preservation.

Byte4Byte partners will have the opportunity to provide feedback on our platform and features as we continue to grow; we are committed to prioritizing new features and changes that are in line with professional values and archival practices.

Selection Process

Grant review criteria will focus on demonstrated financial need, organizational size, merit of the project narrative, and mission-alignment with Permanent.org in creating a more inclusive historical record for future generations.